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KC Cargo strongly beleives in fanatical customer support. We try our best to help our valuable customers in supplying the services they need for themselves.

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Customer Support
You can contact us any time at the following to discuss any issues you may have regarding
our services
Tel: 048-421-1933
Tel: 048-421-2704
Tel: 048-421-0009
Tel: 03-4570-6562
Docomo: 090-5448-1426
Softbank: 080-3351-5213
Fax: 048-421-6460
Look for Cecile, Conrad, or Carol
Email: order@kccargo.jp
Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday & National Holidays: 9am-2pm

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What Our Client says...

pictureWe have been extremely happy with the service of KC Cargo and would recommend them to anyone looking for using their cargo services from Japan to the Philipines.
Jennifer, Kumagaya, Saitama

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